Complementary medicine for Epilepsy

03/02/2010 23:52
The large percentage of patients whose seizures are refractory to AEDs and who undergo resective surgery or medical device implantation may perhaps explain why patients with epilepsy turn to complementary medicine as a last resort. Complementary and alternative medical therapies include...

Modern management of epilepsy: A practical approach (Ketogenic diet)

03/02/2010 23:32
        The ketogenic diet is a very low carbohydrate, adequate-protein, high-fat diet used to treat refractory epilepsysince the 1920s. It requires a devoted multidisciplinary approach, which includes physicians,nurses, social workers, dieticians, and...

Website launched

03/02/2010 16:20
  This is a prime viewing neurologie website. I hope with this website can contribute knowledge to the needy. I will try to show the latest information about neurology. may be useful.